The importance of investing in a professional website

If your company still does not have online representation, you are missing out on business opportunities!


According to Data Reportal, in January 2022, Portugal had 8.63 million Internet users, corresponding to 85% of the Portuguese population.

Your business website is the foundation of your Digital Marketing strategy. It is on your website that you will compile all the information about your business and services, as well as all the content aimed at attracting, educating, converting and keeping your customers.

People look for almost all of their queries on the Internet. Therefore, it is important that your website gathers information about your business area that is relevant and useful for consumers. The creation and maintenance of the contents of your website will promote better positioning in search results and will also contribute to greater recognition and notoriety of your brand.

You might wonder if it's really worth investing in a professional website for your business since it's already present on social media. However, social networks are not a substitute for a professional website, however simple the website may be. Still, they work as a great addition to your digital marketing strategy.

It is very common to see businesses that focus only on creating content for their Facebook and Instagram pages, for example, and end up ignoring the creation of content for their website. Yes, social media management is important. However, as we have already mentioned, the website is the basis of your digital marketing strategy, so you should prioritize the creation of content on that platform and then make use of other communication channels to share and increase the reach of that same content.

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Another important aspect to bear in mind is to be aware of what your competitors are doing. Do they have a website? So it's even more important that you establish your online presence, because if you're not present, your competition will be more accessible to consumers.


Check out 7 reasons why it's worth investing in a professional website:

1. Help your business to be found on Google.

Data Reportal data from February 2022 indicate that about 94% of user searches are made on Google. That is, even if you sell the best products and provide the best services, if your business doesn't appear in Google searches, it's almost as if it doesn't exist.

Having a website with your own domain will help Google find your business when someone does a search for your company name or your services. For this to happen, it is necessary to ensure that your business website is optimized at the SEO level and has your brand's keywords well defined and structured.

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2. Increase your brand credibility/recognition.

Imagine the following scenario. You need to order a cake for your daughter's birthday and, after doing a quick Google search, you find two options: a bakery with its own website and another that only has a link to Facebook. Which option do you think is more reliable?

It is true that social networks are important, they work as a great complement to your digital marketing strategy and are also a good way to be found by consumers. However, a well-structured website, with relevant content capable of reflecting the identity of your business, gives credibility and authority to your brand.

3. Help your business attract new customers.

Even if you don't sell your products/services online, your website acts as an open door to receive your consumers and potential customers.

It doesn't matter what size your business is or the sector of activity in which you operate. A professional and attractive website gives you the opportunity to be found by anyone, anytime, anywhere. You can even create a Google My Business page for your business. This page will help highlight your business through a public profile. It's a great option to appear in local searches and attract new customers.

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4. Facilitate the relationship with your audience.

Although social networks are a great way to stay in close contact with your audience, your company's website will also play a key role in this regard.

It is more and more natural that with the amount of options that exist in the market, consumers feel the need to compare between different services and different prices and your website works as a great showcase for your business. In it you can include all the information about your brand and your services, as well as add testimonials from other customers, contact forms (to ask for quotes, make reservations, etc.), explanatory videos, questions and answers, articles, among others. . There are countless options that you can add to your website in order to make the user experience as satisfactory as possible and convert them into a customer.

5. Great way to gather information about your audience.

A professional website is definitely an investment for your business. In addition to being a tool to share information about your brand and services, a well-optimized website with integrated analysis tools (such as Google Analytics, for example) will allow you to gather information about your audience. You will be able to get to know their tastes and needs and understand the perception that your customers have of your brand and services. Through the collected information you will be able to improve your strategy and communicate better and better with your customers.

6. Promote sales growth.

If your business has a website, chances are it will be found by your customers and potential customers, which can lead to new sales. A professional website gives your business greater visibility and brings more visits to your pages, where your content should be optimized so that contacts result in conversion. More visits soon, more people interested in buying what you have for sale.

7. Your business can be open 24/7.

With a website, your customers can visit your business, or get in touch with you, anytime, any day, anywhere. In the case of direct product sales, a conventional store limits the hours your business is open to receive its customers. But, if you have a website (in this case, an online store) your business never closes and your customers can buy your products at the date and time that is most convenient for them, without even having to leave their homes.


Convinced? Now it remains to understand which type of site best responds to the needs of your company.


Choose the right type of website for your business!

A website is critical to your brand recognition. But it is not enough to decide for any site. It is important that your business has a website that represents and serves you in the best way. Get to know the various types of website and decide which one will be able to best help you achieve your intended goals.

Institutional Website

It is the most common type of website, used by most companies to present their business in a clear, simple and professional way. An institutional website is expected to provide all information about the brand, including history and values, as well as the characteristics of the products or services that your business has to offer.

Dynamic Website

Similar to the institutional website, but allows you to make constant changes quickly and easily, in order to keep the information presented on your website as up to date as possible. In addition to also presenting institutional content, a dynamic website may have a blog section where news and updates can be published and should be integrated with the company's social networks.

Online Store/E-Commerce

This type of site is right for you if you want to sell your products online. Through your business's online store, you can have your products and services for sale in a store open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, available to the entire world. An online store will require careful maintenance so that all information is kept up to date.

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One-Page Website

As the name implies, this type of site is made up of just one page. This single page should consist of several sections of information about your business, topic or service. Thanks to its size and format, it is probably the most intuitive and fastest to load type of website. Even so, attention must be paid to the amount of content to be presented in order to ensure that the page does not become exhausting for users.

Landing page

This type of site can also be called a landing page and is most used when you want to draw the attention of customers to a particular service or specific action. For example, filling out a form, downloading an e-book, subscribing to a newsletter or requesting information.

You can use the various types of websites listed above individually or together, depending on the specific needs and objectives outlined for your business.

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Final considerations:

  • Remember that your business website should reflect your brand identity and be aligned with the rest of your communication strategy.
  • Pay special attention to the images you are going to use on your website, as they may be subject to copyright. There are several image banks where you can download what you need for free. There is nothing wrong with this option as long as you use good quality images. However, if you have the possibility to use your own images and real photographs of your business, it is always preferable.

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  • Make sure that everything is working correctly and that your site is also optimized for mobile devices. It is essential to test to confirm that all links, images and forms are working.
  • Produce original, relevant and up-to-date content. Content production will help your website reach a prominent position in search results, but not only. Creating relevant and honest content about your area of business will help your business to be seen as an authority in the industry.
  • Ensure that your website provides a good user experience, and is easy and intuitive to navigate.

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