Search Engine Optimization

The success and viability of an online business no longer depend on how much you are paying to appear! In fact, it is more likely to appear well positioned thanks to free optimization techniques than paid methods.

Know that having a website does not guarantee that your business will appear when someone searches for your products or services. So how can you give your website pages a prominent place in search results?

SEO is the solution! Search Engine Optimization is the set of techniques used to optimize a website, with a view to increasing the visibility of your business in Google-type search engines.

The goal? Generate qualified traffic to your website, organically!

Website Optimization (SEO)

Statistics tell us that most people click on one of the first search results.
And we want to help you position your website pages at that level, so that users choose you!

When done right, website optimization promotes the visibility of your website pages in search results, increases qualified organic traffic, and helps establish your business as a recognized authority within the industry!

Contact us and learn what we can do to help you improve the position of your website pages in search results!

Some tips on how you can start optimizing your site:

SEO On Page
(internal factors)

  • Competitor study
  • Keyword definition
  • Objectivity and relevance of content
  • Headings (H1, H2, H3...)
  • Source code optimization
  • Relevant and dynamic meta tags
  • Friendly URL
  • Alt tags in images
  • Internal links
  • Google Search Console
  • Register the right domain

SEO Off Page
(external factors)

  • External links
  • Text and quality of external links
  • Number of visits
  • Time spent on website
  • Website load speed
  • Domain authority
  • Social Media
  • SSL Security Certificates (Secure Socket Layer)
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