Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the set of techniques used to optimize a website, with the aim of promoting its visibility on search engines like Google, Sapo or Bing.

The main goal is to generate qualified visitors with organic (unpaid) search results generally having greater credibility with users and longer visibility (as long as website optimization is an ongoing process).

Website Optimization (SEO)

We don't do miracles, and unlike many companies, we don't promise anyone 1st place in Google search results. However, chances are you have come to our website with a search using a keyword from our business, don't you find this curious?

SEO On Page
(internal factors)

  • Competitor study
  • Keyword definition
  • Verification of content objectivity
  • Source code optimization
  • Relevant and dynamic Meta TAGS
  • URL Friendly
  • Heading TAGS
  • Alt TAGS in images
  • Internal links
  • Google Search Console
  • Register right domain

SEO Off Page
(external factors)

  • External links
  • Text and quality of external links
  • Number of visits
  • Visitors time spent on website
  • Website load speed
  • Domain authority
  • SSL Security Certificates (Secure Socket Layer)
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