Google Adwords Sponsored Ads

Google Adwords sponsored ads (SEA - Search Engine Advertising) are paid ads that appear in Google search results as well as on your display network.

These sponsored ads are associated with a set of keywords whose maximum value can be set in advance. When those keywords are searched, the ad is shown to the user.

Typically these ads are pay per click (PPC - Pay Per Click).

Google Ads Campaigns

Google Adwords is the most widely used platform for creating this type of sponsored ads as it allows you to create campaigns to appear in search results as well as on your display network. Google's display network is made up of Google's own websites (such as YouTube) and various partner sites.

What can we do for you in each Google Ads campaign?

  • Competition analysis
  • Campaign creation and configuration (search, display, shopping and video)
  • Groups and ads creation (text ad, responsive search ad, call-only ad, and responsive display ad)
  • Keyword definition and match types
  • Negative keywords definition
  • Creation of ad extensions (sitelinks, callout, structured snippets, call, location, etc.)
  • Budget Management
  • Tracking and monitoring
  • Etc

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