“One picture is worth than thousand words”

The expression is popular (written by the chinese philosopher ConfĂșcio) but perfectly illustrates the power that communication can achieve through photography or image. It is no coincidence that today all modern and enterprising companies make a big investment to take care of your image.

At Global Pixel, we have a professional, experienced team and the latest technology / software to provide you with excellent photo service!

Let's work together to give your business the visual recognition you want?

Photography service

What photo services do we offer?

  • Product Photography
    Environmental product photography and / or cropped product photography.
  • Food Photography
    Ambient food photography and / or cropped food photography.
  • Real Estate Photography
    Photograph of interior and exterior spaces for local accommodation, restaurants, villas, apartments and businesses.
  • Corporate Photography
    Photo shoot in a professional or business environment. Corporate photography service is ideal if you want to promote your services, facilities or team.

All of our photography services include post-production, ie digital photo processing (using specific image editing software) to correct minor defects, colors, contrast, saturation, distortion, etc.

We eternize moments!

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