Illustration services to mascots, icons, signage, infographics and custom-made illustration!

Illustration is an image used to accompany, explain, interpret, add information, synthesize or even simply decorate a text. Although the term is often used to refer to drawings, paintings or collages, a photograph is also an illustration.


What are our illustration services?

  • Mascots
    Mascots are characters that can represent your business and aim to bring the brand, product or service closer to your audience, providing more personal communication and luring your customer in a playful way.
  • Icons
    Icons or symbols are generally better accepted, more noticeable and effective than text. They often save space and provide a universal interpretation. A well-planned icon family will make your communication lighter and more functional as well make life easier for consumers.
  • Signage
    Use of illustration for the production of visual elements used in virtually all sectors of activity with the primary purpose of assisting the correct use of standards in public / private buildings and in normal / emergency situations.
  • Infographics
    Graphic and visual form for data presentation. Infographics simplify the visualization of complex subjects, allowing a better understanding of the information
  • Custom illustration
    Put our illustration service to the test! We make illustrations that fit your needs.
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