Let's talk about Facebook Ads

Facebook has long since ceased to be used just to keep in touch with friends and acquaintances. Today we're going to talk about how Facebook Ads can help your brand grow.


Facebook is a powerful tool for reaching your target audience effectively. This social network is undoubtedly an opportunity for companies wishing to expand their online presence. 

However, the key to success on this platform lies in creating and managing ads efficiently!

Increase sales, generate leads and drive traffic to your website with paid campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.


What are Facebook ads?

Facebook ads are ads that are shown on Facebook and/or Instagram. These ads can appear in feeds, stories and reels, in search results and on apps and websites. By presenting ads on Facebook, you'll be able to reach your target audience effectively and also find new customers for your business!

You don't need to be an expert to be able to advertise on Facebook. However, you do need to have a thorough knowledge of the platform and its functionalities if you want to achieve excellent results that justify the investment made.

The Ads Manager platform, where ads are created and managed, offers different types of campaigns and various ad formats, so it can be challenging to set up everything you need to be successful.

This is where our team comes in to help you maximize the potential of Facebook ads through innovative advertising strategies! Don't hesitate to ask for our help!


Types of Facebook Campaigns

Facebook adjusts its campaign creation and ad management tools on a regular basis. Currently, the platform has several features for segmenting audiences, presenting ads and analyzing results.

The type of campaign you choose should be directly linked to the objective you want for your business. Check out the types of campaigns available for Facebook ads:

  • Awareness: Show your ads to people who are most likely to remember them. Good for: Reach, Brand awareness, Video views, Store location awareness.
  • Traffic: Send people to a destination, like your website, app, Instagram profile or Facebook event. Good for: Link clicks, Landing page views, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp, Calls, Instagram profile visits.
  • Engagement: Get more messages, purchases through messaging, video views, post engagement, Page likes, event responses or community engagement. Good for: Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp, Video views, Post engagement, Conversions, Calls.
  • Leads: Collect leads for your business or brand. Good for: Instant forms, Messenger and Instagram, Conversions, Calls.
  • App promotion: Find new people to install your app and continue using it. Good for: App installs, App events.
  • Sales: Find people likely to purchase your product or service. Good for: Conversions, Catalog sales, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp, Calls.


Ad formats available on Facebook

On Facebook, there are various ad formats that you can use to promote your products, services or content. 

Each format has specific characteristics, adapting to different campaign objectives and different target audiences. Check out some of the ad formats available:

  1. Single image: This is a simple ad consisting of a single visually appealing image. It is ideal for telling a short story or for highlighting a specific product.
  2. Carousel: This format allows us to show up to ten images or videos in a single ad. The carousel is great for showing a variety of products, features of a product or service, or telling a sequential story.
  3. Video: Video ads used to captivate the audience. This format can be used to present products, customer testimonials or tutorials, for example.
  4. Multimedia presentation: This type of ad combines images, videos and/or a carousel to create an engaging presentation. It can be useful for highlighting benefits or features of a product or service.
  5. Collection: The collection presents products directly in the user's feed, facilitating discovery and the purchasing process. It is the ideal format for e-commerce companies wishing to promote product catalogs.
  6. Instant Experience: Offers an immersive full-screen experience that lets you tell an interactive story. This format can include videos, images, carousels and call-to-action buttons.
  7. Slideshow Ads: With this option, we can create light video ads from static images, with transition effects and music. It's an effective option for presenting in markets with slower Internet connections.
  8. Offer Ads: This type of ad is specially designed to promote discounts or other special offers. Users can redeem the offers directly through the ad.
  9. Event Ads: This ad format is used to promote specific events. Users can register or get more information directly from the announcement.
  10. Lead generation ads: With this format, you can incorporate forms directly into the ad to collect information from potential customers. It's a very useful option for building email lists and generating leads.

These are just a few examples. Facebook continues to innovate, introducing new formats and features on a regular basis.


Why run ads on Facebook?

Facebook offers a unique approach to online advertising, allowing companies to reach their target audience in a highly segmented way. In addition, the platform's own interactivity allows companies to engage directly with their customers, creating a closer and more meaningful relationship.

This is a democratic and affordable investment, as each company decides how much it is willing to pay, within the minimum recommended amounts, of course.

Boost your business with Facebook Ads.


Precise segmentation

Basically, whatever type of audience you want to reach, you'll be able to do it with Facebook ads! 

This is an advantage for your business, since with advanced targeting options you can target your ads based on interests, demographics, online behavior and much more, ensuring that you appear to the right people

At Global Pixel, we understand the importance of precise targeting to maximize the return on your investment. We'll help you define and get to know your target audience and implement specific strategies focused on achieving results.


Memorable content

Facebook ads aren't just about reaching the right people, they're also about capturing their attention. 

At Global Pixel, we have a talented creative team that develops visually appealing image and/or video content and persuasive text for your ads! 

Our mission is to create content that highlights your products or services and tells a story that captivates your audience.


Continuous Optimization

The success of Facebook ads requires a dynamic approach. 

At Global Pixel, we continuously monitor the performance of your Facebook campaigns and ads, adjusting the strategy and creatives where necessary.

We use real-time data analysis to identify new trends and optimize your budget, ensuring that your investment is maximized over time.


Monitoring Results

Facebook has been improving the features available for creating campaigns and ads. Currently, the platform has several tools for presenting and analyzing the results of your business.

At Global Pixel, transparency is key. We provide detailed quarterly reports on the performance of your campaigns and ads, in which we highlight key metrics such as clicks, impressions, conversion value and much more. This way, you'll be able to keep track of your entire strategy as well as your results!


Increase sales, generate leads and drive traffic to your website with Facebook and Instagram advertising!


5 tips for improving the quality of your Facebook ads

Now that we know what they are, what they are for and what their characteristics are, here's how you can improve the quality of your Facebook ads. 

Check out our 5 tips and present the best ads to your audience:

  1. Be authentic about your brand: Start by considering your tone of voice, which should be a reflection of your company's personality. Is it fun? Is it professional? Adventurous? The more authentic you are, the more effective your ads will be.
  2. Know your target audience: Speak directly to your audience and consider their motivations or address the barriers that prevent them from becoming your customers. Consider having different versions of the same creative for different audiences, to ensure you're talking about what motivates each group.
  3. Define your theme: Find out what you want your audience to get out of your ad. Think of a theme or concept that unites your ads and makes them stand out. The theme can be a concept, an idea or a visual theme to create consistency between all your ads.
  4. Promote interaction with video ads: Facebook offers your company different types of video ads, placements and technologies to reach your audience with content that matches the way they spend their time online.
  5. Hire a professional ad manager: Creating and managing Facebook ads is time-consuming and requires in-depth knowledge of the platform and its features. Entrust your social media advertising to an experienced company with trustworthy professionals who are dedicated to meeting the objectives you have set for your business.


In short, Facebook ads are an indispensable tool for modern companies that want to reach and engage their target audience effectively. 


At Global Pixel, we have experienced professionals in social media management and in creating and managing Facebook ads. Talk to us and don't miss out on any more business opportunities!


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